“Your Bright Red Lips” / Memorable Fancies #840

         I’m enchanted by your blue eyes and sensuously gleaming bright red lips. But I find your constantly shifting gaze, perhaps to see if there’s anyone around you’d rather speak with than me, a little distracting. And I want to see those lips move, and hear your voice. But since I paid only 99 cents for you at the App Store, I guess I shouldn’t expect too much. <END> THE PITCH If you liked this post, please tell your friends and share a comment here or on Facebook or other … [Read more...]

“Four New Apps Available Now” / A Memorable Fancy #169

The following new apps have just been announced by indie app-writers: (1) FoundGuilty tells you your current location – not geographical, but psychological. Sometimes, it displays “You’re in a strange place today.” At other times, “You just feel so damn lost,” “You’re really up the creek now,” etc. (2) Facefacebook is a social website customized for two-faced people. (3) UhMail adds “uh,” “ah,” and “y’know” randomly to your outgoing emails and tweets, enlivening your stilted writing … [Read more...]