“Thirst” / Memorable Fancies #1722

[“I drank you and still felt a thirst” – Apollinaire] I thought it was thirst for more of you, that I could never have enough, that I would hunt and gain you or be tortured by unquenchable thirst. And I did all that – pursue and gain you, I mean. But the thirst – remained. … [Read more...]

“Glaciers of Memory” / Memorable Fancies #1581

[“the glaciers of memory” – Apollinaire] The glaciers of memory contain all the thoughts I never want to have again, frozen stiff and still, inaccessible. But even now I hear these thoughts grind slowly on the underneathing rock. They are searching for a crevasse, a way up, a way out. A way to reach the open sea. [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]