“Five Christian Nightmares – I” / A Memorable Fancy #318

     “Whose image is on the coin?  Then give it to him!”      “Yours, Lord; your image!” #      Judas kisses Simon Peter, leaving Jesus to found the Church. #      A rumor of good free bread results in a disturbance of about 5000 people, authorities estimate. #      God wonders if the world has learned the lesson he taught at Sodom and Gomorrah, or if additional lessons are needed. #      Jesus attends a conference on “Postcritical Theology and Socio-Political Praxis: … [Read more...]

“The Signs” / A Memorable Fancy #311

     Signs appeared on a vacant lot proclaiming that a new development would soon arise there, no trespassing (signed) God. But then nothing happened. The signs grew old, rusted. We dared not build in that place, in hope or fear that God would return. Now, as to the signs God has placed in us as well: We dare not appropriate these either, even though we grow old, rust. <END> … See www.terencekuch.net for a profile of the author, publications, reviews, etc. His book, At All Adventure: An … [Read more...]