“The Flight That Never Ends” / Memorable Fancies #486

[The desire never to arrive and to go on revolving indefinitely around the earth… – Jean Baudrillard]      Hal’s flight doesn’t seem to end. He fantasizes that they never land, that no one gets off as everyone gets older. The up to the minute news streamed from the surface tells the same somber story, but with different details every year. The latest hits change; the plane’s sound system plays singers he’s never heard of. Three major league baseball teams move to new cities, finally including … [Read more...]

“The Regional Flight Departs” / A Memorable Fancy #310

     Passengers were strapped in securely, engines started up. “This is your captain,” the captain said. “We’re fourth in line for takeoff. I’ll be back to you once we’re airborne with lots of irrelevant chatter intended to take your mind off the fact that if God had intended us to fly he would have joined the Air Force! – That’s a joke, folks, ‘cause this is a folksy airline. And we’ll have games and puzzles for you just as soon as we’re pretty sure we won’t be crashing today.” <END> … … [Read more...]