“Young for My Age” / Memorable Fancies #1580

“Don’t I look young for my age?” she asked me, teasingly. “Well,” I said, “I don’t know; how old are you?” “That’s an impolite question!” she exclaimed, hinting at eternal youth amid the ample years.  [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“Fogey-ology” / Memorable Fancies #1554

[“When I say that I am an old fogey, I am, of course, joking.” – Stevie Smith] “No,” she said, “I am a young fogey.” … [Read more...]

“Harold Changes His Mind” / Memorable Fancies #1510

Harold changed his mind. It was old and he was tired of it, though he thought it still ran pretty well, for a mind that had been around for so many years, clogged with the silt of so many memories, his childhood and lovers and friends. The ads for newer minds sounded attractive, although with his old mind, Harold couldn’t quite understand what the ads were saying about nano and pico and femto and how buying one was such a great investment. Wouldn’t it be nice to understand all this new … [Read more...]

“Bonds” / Memorable Fancies #433

     We had business to discuss, you and I, something about investment-grade bonds: their maturities, their interest and risk.      But all the time we talked I watched your eyes, your lips – their slow and measured movement when you speak. We’re showing our age, you and I, not surprising after all  these  years,  but age – age graces you.      It’s difficult for me to talk about investment-grade bonds right now, because your eyes are moving to your sweet supple speech as they have since … [Read more...]

“The Ages of Man” / A Memorable Fancy #078

     THIRTY can be taken seriously. FORTY is taken seriously whether he wants to be or not.     THIRTY is climbing the ladder. FORTY is wondering where the rungs went.     THIRTY is worried about sex. FORTY is thankful for sex.     THIRTY knows who he is. FORTY knows that THIRTY is wrong about that.     THIRTY is settling down. FORTY is gearing up.     THIRTY tries not to think about turning FORTY. FORTY tries not to think about turning FIFTY.     THIRTY is a good age to be. FORTY is a good age … [Read more...]