“The Long Goodbye” / Memorable Fancies #2248

[“When we say Attack / you will hear nothing / at first.” – Margaret Atwood] The silence will seem to last a long time, as you anxiously wait. Then there will be a single great sound. Then silence again, that will last a very long time. … [Read more...]

“Run !” / Memorable Fancies #2247

[“the confusion of unintelligible recorded announcements” – John Ashbery] In an airport. The announcements become more frequent, more urgent. Now they are shouting. Now they are telling people to do something, over and over they say this, but you can’t make out the words. Run, run… … [Read more...]

“Paradise Lost” / Memorable Fancies #2446

[“they had committed suicide of the soul” ­- delusions of the insane; what they are afraid of - David Antin] I did away with my soul. Hid it, actually. Perhaps it wasn’t quite dead yet, but anyway, now they’ll never find it. Free at last!   … [Read more...]

one of those ambiguish phone conversations

"Do you mind if I briefly put you on hold?" "Sure."   … [Read more...]

“Touching” / Memorable Fancies #2445

[“The figuring of your desire” – Nadia Anjuman] I see your desire for me; it’s so palpable, it’s touching. … … [Read more...]

“A Colonizable Reality” / Memorable Fancies #2444

Yes, we could go there. It’s quiet. The people are friendly, and they don’t ask questions. They don’t know what we did .. then .. and if we’re lucky they’ll never find out. We, you and I, we’ll go to live there and try to ... forget, too. And if we do forget, we’ll have to remember that we mustn’t try to remember .. what happened .. whatever it was. “...a colonizable reality...” ­ Jean Baudrillard … [Read more...]

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