“Patience” / Memorable Fancies #2500

[“The art of patience / Similar in many ways / To the art of indifference” – Roberto Bolaño] “You’re always so patient with me!” she said.   … [Read more...]

“The Birds” / Memorable Fancies #2499

[“At times, … although one is completely in the wrong, birds sing in one’s soul.” – V.V. Rozinov] After the leap of faith, he knows that the rules of the merely ethical do not apply to him, now a member of the saved, the illumined. The birds ... the birds ... their song almost in key ... … [Read more...]

“Look Who’s Talking” / Memorable Fancies #2498

“That’s your anger speaking,” she said to me. “Don’t like it?” I asked. “Well, then, here’s my ‘fuck you’ speaking!” No one spoke. After that. … [Read more...]

“The Chamber of Truth” / Memorable Fancies #2497

One enters the Chamber of Truth with some uneasiness. After all, those in search of truth must be prepared to accept it. One offers the traditional sacrifice, kneels, and prays. The god speaks, then is silent. One rises unsteadily and leaves, practicing in his mind how to understand what the god meant, what the god ... surely must have meant! … [Read more...]

“The Latest Kiss” / Memorable Fancies #2496

[“…the lady compatriot who recently invented the latest kiss.” – Leopoldo Lugones] There was some intense effort involved, more than a little scandal, and the man is still in intensive care, though not intensely cared for ... >> below: a one-act play available from the publisher, stageplays.com << … [Read more...]

“Beyond Space and Time” / Memorable Fancies #2495

[“But if memory shows us the past, how does it show us that it IS the past?” – Wittgenstein] How do we make that giant leap from seeing – something not there – and knowing that the ‘there’ is really a ‘then,’ assuming that we can grasp what ‘then’ is? Perhaps everything is really all happening at once, that there is only one Time, spread over many Places… … [Read more...]

“Laura” / Memorable Fancies #2494

[“Everything about her is bound to remain blurry...” – Vladimir Nabokov, The Original of Laura]   My memory of Laura is very clear; it’s she herself who’s blurry –   seemed blurry to me, anyway, as I vainly tried to see her clear and sharp. … [Read more...]