“Leaving No Trace” / Memorable Fancies #2166

[“I am not that person; that person does not exist any longer; that person is -- vanished.” – Joyce Carol Oates] With a fake mustache and careful accent to my voice, I impress upon others that I am not that ‘myself’ that I once was; that I am new, because ‘myself’ has gone on to be somebody else, or has escaped leaving no trace...   … [Read more...]

“That piece of …” / Memorable Fancies #2164

[ “... the fecal matter of labor...” (that is, the material product of labor) – Jean Baudrillard] Things are produced, come forth from their factories, are shipped to distributors and then to shops. And we buy one thing and then another thing, later regret that we had bought those pieces of ...   … [Read more...]

“The Xerox Universe” / Memorable Fancies #2163

There are very many universes, perhaps an infinite number of them – but they’re all exactly like the one we’re in now, everything all over again. Look! See what you did! – what you’re doing – what you’re going to do – an infinite number of times. Yes, you did. … [Read more...]

“Virtues of the Curse” / Memorable Fancies #2162

[An excerpt from Social Abominations, or, The Follies of Modern Society (1895):] “The curse is the direct wish and worded expression of desired injury. It rises to the dignity of earnestness, has in it elements of consistent wrath, and reaches a place of bad eminence among the evil arts. It is, so to say, inverted religiousness, or elaborate diabolism; a sort of worship of the spirits of evil; a mode of prayer to Satan that good may be turned into evil; that the elements may be reversed for an … [Read more...]

“Another Adventure in Anomia” / Memorable Fancies #2161

["Anything that will attract a name" - John Ashbery] I painted the thing bright red, set it outside in the front yard where my neighbors would be sure to see it, and then they'd tell me the thing was ugly and I should take it away. And I'd ask "What thing?" and they'd say "That thing in your front yard" and I'd persist in my ignorance until, angry, they called it a name, and me a name too. So now for a while I can remember two names, call them up in my mind and speak them, deliciously, over and … [Read more...]

“Scratchers ™” / Memorable Fancies #2159

Scratchers are tiny self-powered metal-and-plastic machines having the form of insects (form follows function) that find and scratch your itches. They detect the slight twitchings of the skin that indicate where an itch is in progress and race to the spot, where they protrude miniature mechanical fingernails that scratch your itch until the twitching goes away. Unfortunately, the Scratcher’s travel across your skin itself causes itching (function follows form), but we are developing a … [Read more...]

“Nicknames on Ballots” / Memorable Fancies #2158

Most states allow a candidate to be listed any way he or she chooses, e.g., Martina “Marty” Maraschino; Daniel “Danny” Zuko. But wouldn’t it be more interesting if candidates were to be allowed to assign nicknames to their opponents? Consider: John “Almost Indicted” Henderson; Dorothy “Three Husbands and Counting” Jones. Not fair? But it seems to be fair in negative election ads. We’re just catching up with the common nastiness here.  >> below: one-act political play published by … [Read more...]