“His Name – I” / Memorable Fancies #2268

The hero died young, and a statue was raised in his honor. For many years it was faithfully maintained, but eventually was forgotten. “Who was that?” “I saw his name on the plinth once, but now it’s worn off. I’d never heard of him anyway.” The statue became dusty and pitted, and the eyes – the eyes at first fierce, just as he’d faced the rebel firing squad, now blank, as the stone wept in the rain. “Just someone,” they said. “Name doesn’t matter... ...” … [Read more...]

“The Renaming” / Memorable Fancies #2267

[“...to receive a new name even as we rename the object.” – Kenneth Gross] I renamed her – a name less complex, less difficult for me to deal with. But even as I did, I felt my own name, its confusion, crying out to me to confess something. Something about a name. … [Read more...]

” ‘I’m Building a Wall’ ” / Memorable Fancies #2266

I’m building a wall to keep me out. The others have required me to do this. They are watching to make sure I’m not including a secret tunnel, or a door with a magic lock. When I finish they intend to put me behind my wall, and never have to think of me again. But I know they’ll think of me. Just because there’s a wall.   … [Read more...]

“Bang! Bang!” / Memorable Fancies #2265

There’s shop where everything is shaped like a pistol – including a big candy bar – put the barrel in your mouth and pull the chocolate trigger. Bang bang you’re fat. [‘pistol shop’ idea thanks to Barney Sperlin] … [Read more...]

“Heaven” / Memorable Fancies #2264

[“life life the other above in the light said to have been mine” – Samuel Beckett] Yes, I guess that’s my new life, up above me there, bright and glowing like a tiny sun, receding upward into the sky. That’s my new life now, just as the priest said at my funeral; he was sure I’d make it to heaven, in spite of all my sins. That was his optimistic take on my soul that’s now slowly drifting out of sight, smaller and smaller as it approaches heaven. The priest was right. The important part was … [Read more...]

“Rules of the Game” / Memorable Fancies #2263

[“The rules remain secret. You cannot say what the rule of this game is.” – Jean Baudrillard] There is a field, and perhaps a ball. Perhaps two or three balls of various sizes. Lines drawn haphazardly on the ground. Hillocks. Implements and gloves. A crowd. You are dressed like another man, who seems to be your opponent. You ready yourself for the game by sprinting up and down the sidelines. You don’t know if this will help, or perhaps it's not permitted and you will lose points. It begins. … [Read more...]

“At Dawn” / Memorable Fancis #2262

[“I love you / best at dawn” – Kenneth Koch] Before your familiar antics of the day ahead, which you will gradually display to me. … [Read more...]