“Need to Get Away” / Memorable Fancies #1963

[“I got away, but I had to leave my arms and legs behind.” – Susan Sontag] In the next town they called me “trunk show” and laughed at me behind my back.   … [Read more...]

“Reflections of a Vampire” / Memorable Fancies #1962

Because I’m a vampire, I don’t look in mirrors. It would be futile, because the mirror wouldn’t reflect me. But then why do I make a point of looking away from them? Am I afraid of what the mirrors might see, instead of me? … [Read more...]

“Piece of …” / Memorable Fancies #1961

[“I am tired of human / she said” – Louise Glück] I want to go lie down among the cows, she said, like Walt Whitman – they are so peaceful. ...But I’ll be careful where I step. … [Read more...]

“The Silence” / Memorable Fancies #1960

[“...and the silence stood around us hard as rock” – George Seferis] And the silence came toward us, hefting its stones. >  [Click Random Post above – re-astonish yourself] … [Read more...]

“The Savages” / Memorable Fancies #1959

Yes, we make fun of the savages who populate most of this far country – gently, though, because they know no better; they had not been exposed to our civilized ways. But these people, now; they’re beginning to know us, know we cheat and impoverish them when we can. So now we are looking for new lands – whose people who have not yet been exposed to – us savages. … [Read more...]

“The Invasion” / Memorable Fancies #1958

[“...their arrival / Where invasion occurs according to schedule” – Myung Mi Kim] They pretend to invade. We pretend to flee to the hills. They pretend to destroy everything we have, and declare victory. We admit defeat. Other countries pour relief funds over us like honey, and as sweet. We humbly accept. Wait. Repeat. Wait. Repeat. <<below: back cover from the novel See/Saw>> … [Read more...]

“Apprentice” / Memorable Fancies #1957

On the planet Sodalis, skills are infectious. Hang out with a plumber long enough, and you know plumbing. Most people don’t find that prospect enticing, however, which is why Sodalis’ plumbers are lonely these days. Stock brokers and star tennis players, however, have many best friends. Their backs are sore from the slapping. … [Read more...]