“Rude Apostrophes” / Memorable Fancies #2081

[An except from Social Abominations, or The Follies of Modern Society (1895):] “Again, I allow to the swearer, if he wishes it, that expletives of some sort are next to necessary. But, granting this, what possible necessity or excuse is there for such horrible denunciations of one’s soul, or such utter willingness to accept all the penalties of the lost, and such rude apostrophes to the place of final torment?” … [Read more...]

“A Meme” / Memorable Fancies #2080

[“...there surely must be minds into which an idea passes from time to time without their realizing.” – Jean Baudrillard] The phrase we all repeat endlessly, because it’s the latest thing to say, heard on TV and buzzed on the Web, a catch-phrase that caught us. Just something to say, we say. ... But there really was a message, underneath, one we unthinkingly acquired. Our lives are ... different now ...   … [Read more...]

“What He Said” / Memorable Fancies #2079

[“The Cretans say that their laws were laid down by Minos, and that Minos was not without divine aid in this.” – Pausanias] ... at least that’s what Minos said, when first we began to doubt him ... … [Read more...]

“The Dogs” / Memorable Fancies #2073

[“Dogs howl at night, their heads raised toward your house.” – Henri Michaux] Every night, dogs gather in front of your house and howl. Finally, you move far away. There are dogs there, too. They look familiar. They seem to know you. … [Read more...]

“Descent” / Memorable Fancies #2077

At the Old Folks’ Home, there is high interest in a lecture titled “How to Find Your Ancestors.” There’s even more interest in a lecture titled “How to Find Your Grandchildren.”   << "Small Change," a nostalgic comedy about baseball, is available from the publisher, stageplays.com >> … [Read more...]

“Waiting” / Memorable Fancies #2076

[“A man is pursued by his shadow.” – Kenneth Gross] He turns. The shadow turns. He runs. The shadow runs. There, he says, that proves it! It’s after me! He goes indoors. The shadow waits outside, patiently.   >> [below:] The Trees of Malice is available on Amazon << … [Read more...]

“No Laughing Matter” / Memorable Fancies #2075

[“To laugh here now is treason.” (Wer hier lacht, macht Verdacht” – Günter Grass] When the Leader spoke, I smiled. I swear it wasn’t a laugh. I don’t know where that sound came from. That desperately muffled sound. That escaped from somewhere. And could desperately not be called back.   … [Read more...]