“The Accusation System” / Memorable Fancies #2214

[“the accusation system” – David Frankfurter] It is all very formalized. Accuser and accused. There are always many more accusers than accused. That must be why you have been accused so often… >> below: timely one-act play available from the publisher, stageplays.com << … [Read more...]

“Why Not to Be Disliked” / Memorable Fancies # 2213

[“A man was struck by a rock which he had looked at too long. The rock had not moved. All the local people can bear witness to it.” – Henri Michaux] So the investigation ended inconclusively. The townspeople went home, happy to be rid of you, relieved that no one had to give himself up, be accused, be convicted of your murder at one of those tedious trials. … [Read more...]

“City Peasants” / Memorable Fancies #2145

[“...Deculturated peasants and acculturated tourists...” – Jean Baudrillard] Gradually, they change places. Now, peasants gawk at genuine tourist-made handicrafts, say things like “charmingly naïve, n’est pas? ­– but just for the peasant trade, don’t you think?” … [Read more...]

“True Religion” / Memorable Fancies #2212

You and I are avatars in a game. “Who’s your gamer?” I ask politely, as we get to know each other. But you don’t know, just as I don’t know mine. … [Read more...]

“Compassion” / Memorable Fancies #2211

[“True compassion is to suffer in silence for others.” – Jean Baudrillard] That’s what I tell people I’m doing now, anyway. I tell them I’m suffering in silence. They find that impressive, praiseworthy, are relieved not to hear, once again, my harsh and accusing voice. … [Read more...]

“Witches ID” / Memorable Fancies #2210

[…centralized and coordinated methods for identifying witches.” – David Frankfurter] Long lists of criteria for identifying witches were developed. “Rides around on broomstick” was one, and “Has high pointy black hat” another. These criteria, however, were developed by the witches, themselves, to confuse us. The real criteria include smiles, and winking, and confidences, and enticements that never quite come to pass… … [Read more...]

“Water in a Sieve” / Memorable Fancies #2209

[“The just are given a life of feasting and everlasting drunkenness .... the unjust are made to carry water in sieves.” – an ancient Orphic belief] This is said by a man who thinks himself just, who believes he’s having a life of feasting and drunkenness – but careful not to lose the water so rapidly draining from his sieve. … [Read more...]