“The Scream” / Memorable Fancies #1970

 [“‘Practice your scream’ I said.” – Jerome Rothenberg] You’ll be needing it, I said. … [Read more...]

“Hitler and Wittgenstein” / Memorable Fancies #1969

In the old archives and now online, there’s a class photo taken in 1904 at the Realschule in Linz. Adolf Hitler is seated in one row, Ludwig Wittgenstein in the row below and to Hitler’s right. Between them there is another student, a good-looking young man with a small chin and pale face. Let’s consider that “other student,” the one who sat between the future ruler of Europe and the man who would revolutionize modern thought. Let’s call him “Hans Zwischen” as a tribute to his not-here … [Read more...]

“Self-Made” / Memorable Fancies #1968

[“manufacturing our private selves...” – Susan Sontag] There’s a self-factory over in the industrial park. You can have a new self made for you there, built out of parts (all organic!). For an extra fee, the factory will recycle your old self, pass it off to others as – their own new self. <below: the cover of Love Fear Sofa - a new book of poems available on Amazon> … [Read more...]

“The Two Angels” / Memorable Fancies #1930

[“They say that they have two angels within them, one bad, one good.” ― The Travels of Sir John Mandeville (1300-1399)] I overhear their conversations, these angels; usually they disagree on everything, but about me there is – an unsettling unanimity ... … [Read more...]

“It Is Always Four O’Clock” / Memorable Fancies #1966

[“Unwind the clocks,” – Sylvia Plath] It is always four o’clock here in this special place, that pivotal four o’clock when everything you’ve planned to do today can be put off to the next; when thoughts of your evening’s dinner mingle with the fear of who might be eating it...   … [Read more...]

“The Meaning of ‘meaningful'” / Memorable Fancies #1965

“Meaningful” = Full of meaning, not just having some trace of one meaning or another, not being part-full of meaning, an aliquot, a sample. Not full of no meaning at all, like a politician’s speech; but overflowing with meaning, more meaning than has ever been needed, spilling over into unmeaning, infecting it... … [Read more...]

“‘This is a list of stars'” / Memorable Fancies #1964

[...esoteric scribal groups with an interest in assembling all sorts of cosmological lists” – David Frankfurter] This is a list of stars. This is a list of stars with planets. This is a list of stars with planets whose people consider their moon and other planets to be gods and goddesses at first, and then creators of tides and eclipses, and then as places to explore, and then as places to test weapons on, and then fire weapons from ...   … [Read more...]