“Cloudy Thoughts” / Memorable Fancies #1818

[“My thoughts fly they are covered with clouds” – W.S. Merwin] My thoughts aren’t being stored in the Cloud today. Mindnet must be down. I’m panicked. What if I need to Open one? >>  [Click Random Post above – re-astonish yourself] … [Read more...]

Word Division, or How to Carve

Word Division, and How to Carve - Terence Kuch (www.terencekuch.net) Meat should be cut at the joint, Plato said, not merely hacked apart any old place. Likewise, words, if they must be divided, should be cut at their own joints. The pieces (before and after line-breaks) should bear as much meaning as possible, as an aid to the reader. In violation of this principle, the Washington Post once divided “homerun” as ho/merun. Exactly what’s wrong here? There is a home plate, and runners run there. … [Read more...]

“Another Copy of Me” / Memorable Fancies #1817

 [“...another false copy of me” – Mark Bibbins] I’ve been hearing a lot about those copies of me, these days, about their obtuseness, their betrayals, how they seem to care for no one but themselves. Not even for each other. Not even for me. >  [Click Random Post above – re-astonish yourself] … [Read more...]

“Easter Tales” / Memorable Fancies #1816

Chicks are raised to believe that, as an egg, they were brought to their mother hens by supernatural rabbits, or a magic stork. Human children are taught – other Easter tales. … [Read more...]

“Verb You!” / Memorable Fancies #1815

 [“I made / you a new verb / one they won’t hear / here.” – Mark Bibbins] It was exciting  - for the first few days, anyway - dealing with you as a verb instead of a noun. I even submitted my new verb to the Urban Dictionary, knowing that Merriam-Webster wouldn’t accept a word so raw, bare, so – treacherous, ... >  [Click Random Post above – re-astonish yourself] … [Read more...]

Today Is Good Friday / Memorable Fancies #1814

[“From the previous story the rooster crows.” - Clarice Lispector] I wrote a story in which a cock crowed, but then nothing further was heard of it, and so the editor said “Lose the bird – it’s just for atmosphere and you don’t need it: your pigs and cows are enough – already too much.” So I moved the chicken to a different story. Now it crows just as the infamous betrayal takes place. … [Read more...]

“What’s Done is Undone” / Memorable Fancies #1813

[“The only reason people want to be masters of the future is to change the past.” – Milan Kundera] There are more organizations dedicated to rewriting the past than documenting the present; so many more, that there is a shortage of new material to keep the rewriters busy. And so they re-re-write the re-written past – again and again, as desires and fashions change, as regrets pile on regrets. … [Read more...]