“Alone Together” / Memorable Fancies #2108

[“You came alone together and here you are.” – W.S. Merwin] How many of you were there? Just one, I assumed without thinking very much about it, that day I met you. But later ... after we ... a second you appeared: one not so complaisant; one more abrupt; more ... in charge. But by then it was too late. … [Read more...]

“Jump! Jump!” / Memorable Fancies #2107

He jumped from the fifty-ninth floor, desperate at losing wife and children, fortune, then friends. After the first terrifying seconds, flung like a father’s oops-a-daisy with nothing beneath but air, he calms. There below: the unfortunate sidewalk about to receive him. The cop talking into his shoulder or waving his arms. The crowd gathering, looking upward then down at the sidewalk, dodging the immanent gore. People he once knew saying “how tragic” “how young” “why didn’t we know?” “we could … [Read more...]

“Simple Human” / Memorable Fancies #2106

[“It is one of the great troubles of life that we cannot have any unmixed emotions.” – Yeats] On the contrary: that’s what makes us human. … [Read more...]

“Today We Celebrate Our National Day” / Memorable Fancies #2105

[“We keep remembering something different from what we celebrate.” – W.S. Merwin] Today is National Day here in our country, that glorious day we recall when the Enemy was not just repulsed, not just routed, but destroyed, every man, woman, and child of them, asleep in their houses when we caught them, burned their crops, killed their screaming, gutted animals. But that’s not quite how our textbooks describe it... … [Read more...]

“Fatal Image” / Memorable Fancies #2104

F2104 Fatal Image The mirror has stopped reflecting you. But now it shows an image of someone from your past you’ve always hated. You pick up a heavy object and rush toward it, raising your hand to strike. Too late, you see whose image it really is. >  [Click Random Post above – re-astonish yourself] << … [Read more...]

“The Universe App” / Memorable Fancies #2103

If we are living in a simulated universe, and if we are simulacra ourselves, then some advanced technology  – or Being – is running the simulation, creating and sustaining us. This technology must require enormous amounts of power, and power, like any resource, is never a “free good”: there are always alternative demands, competing priorities, ... If some more urgent use is found for this power, more important than running the Universe App, then... … [Read more...]

“Novels from Hell, Only a Dime!” / Memorable Fancies #2102

[An excerpt from Social Abominations, or, The Follies of Modern Society (1895):] “The modern novel is responsible for many of these abscondings. ... There must be flight and pursuit, and narrow escape, and drawn dagger, all ending in sunshine and parental forgiveness and bliss unalloyed and gorgeous. In many of the cases of escapade the idea was implanted in the hot brain of the woman by a cheap novel, ten cents worth of unadulterated perdition.” … [Read more...]