“My Schedule” / Memorable Fancies #2377

“Are you free to meet next Monday?” “Yes, I suppose. My schedule is flexible – but I’m not the one who flexes it!” … [Read more...]

“Devolution” / Memorable 2376

There is a social movement that claims we’ve gone too far, that we’re destroying our lives and our planet, too. Go back, they say, and live as simply as apes; and so we did. And then we apes gestured these same thoughts to each other, that we’ve gone too far. We’re destroying our lives, and our banana groves, too. Go back, they say, and live as simply as the first mammals; and so we did. And then we were tiny creatures hiding in the dirt, trembling at the sight of every bird, the sound of … [Read more...]

“Delusions of Murder” / Memorable Fancies #2375

[“murders are going on all around them” – David Antin, from a list of delusions of the insane] That man – he was here yesterday, I’m sure of it. Joe, I think that was his name; Joe Callahan. But now he’s not here. He might have just gone away, but nobody I talk to will admit there ever was a Joe Callahan. I’m getting very suspicious, now. I’m afraid they’ll accuse me of doing away with Callahan – if they find the body, that is. If I’m not Joe Callahan myself, that is. … [Read more...]

“Revenge of the Mirrors” / Memorable Fancies #2374

My mirror doesn’t don’t show me my image. But then perhaps that’s best. What if, in annoyance at my entreaties, it showed me unclothed, and mocked me? And then unfleshed, leaving just bones? And then only – a small fog of breath it impatiently wiped away? … [Read more...]

“The Observance” / Memorable Fancies #2373

[“If we knew the fire-worshipers better, we might find that their centuries of pious observance have been rewarded.” – Jean-Pierre Vernant] Or will be rewarded, in the next war... … [Read more...]

“Costume” / Memorable Fancies #2372

Clothing in general is called “costume” because it hides and obscures who we are, makes us look like someone we are not, someone who would perhaps like to look like – us. … [Read more...]

“Wunday” / Memorable Fancies #2371

The Washington Post contained a typographical error – “Wunday” – which I eagerly adopted. Wunday is the day I intend to accomplish something. The beauty of “Wunday” is that it could mean “one day,” or “Sunday,” or even “Wednesday” (= Woden’s Day). So when Sunday comes, I tell my friends that I will do what I promised to do, “on Wunday.” And then on Wednesday, I say… … [Read more...]