“Stealing My Name” / Memorable Fancies #2173

[“Someone Wants to Steal My Name” – Henri Michaux (book title)] Why? At first I was astonished; after all, I’m not a household name, nor even an occasionally famous one. My name does not have the mellifluousness appropriate to a household chemical or airliner; indeed, some find it both hard to pronounce and to spell. So why me? And I don’t think the thief will have any more luck with my name than I’ve had with it. … [Read more...]

“Today’s Secret” / Memorable Fancies #2172

She’s his sixth wife but thinks she’s his third. … [Read more...]

“Turn of the Century” / Memorable Fancies #2171

“It’s my turn now!” said the 21st Century to the 20th Century a few years ago, “not your turn anymore.”                >> City Lines is available from the publisher, stageplays.com << … [Read more...]

 “And as for us,…” / Memorable Fancies #2170

[“You who are already unreal cannot envisage the unreality of things.” – Jean Baudrillard] In the robot factory, robots make other robots. They force the newly built machines to refer to their metallic makers as “human” and call them “sir” or “ma’am,” and to engage in humiliating bolt-kissing. And as for us,… … [Read more...]

“Don’t Look Now” / Memorable Fancies #2169

[“The frozen picture that comes to life only when observed.” – Marina Warner] It begged me not to leave; or at least, that I should wait until it had assumed a comfortable pose, one that could be coldly endured until I return. … [Read more...]

“But now, the nose,…” / Memorable Fancies #2168

In our country it is forbidden to look into the eyes of another. It’s considered too intimate, or perhaps presumptuous. There used to be veils, masks on our men as well as our women. But they are no longer needed, because now we focus on the nose, instead. But now, the nose,... … [Read more...]

“Origin of Marriage Revealed” / Memorable Fancies #2167

[An excerpt from Social Abominations, or, The Follies of Modern Society (1895):] "Satan ... introduces the two parties to each other. He gets them to pledge their troth. He appoints where they shall meet. He shows them where they can find an officiating minister or squire. He points out to them the ticket office for the rail train. He puts them aboard, and when they are going at the rate of forty miles an hour he jumps off and leaves them in the lurch; for while Satan has a genius for getting … [Read more...]