“Buying the Farm” / Memorable Fancies #2029

We dig into the earth – at first a new inches, with hands and hoes, and then deeper, with our machines. The earth gods are unhappy. They stir. They meet and plan – what to do about this latest, most worrisome intrusion of those nuisance creatures – the ones so irresponsibly created by the sky gods.   … [Read more...]

“Friend, Me!” / Memorable Fancies #2028

[“Since antiquity, philosophers have asked if an individual could be his own friend or have with himself a relation of friendship.” – Vincent Descombes] But now, Friends, with Facebook,... … [Read more...]

“Jigsaw” / Memorable Fancies #2027

After the plane crash: identifying the bodies, reassembling the jigsaw-like parts begins. A heart is found, then a liver, other organs and various small pieces. A scientist collects unidentifiable body parts from disasters around the world – parts that couldn’t be fitted to any body. He builds something... … [Read more...]

“Goodbye, cruel world!”

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“Hear! Hear!” / Memorable Fancies #2026

Why am I passive about what I hear? I can say what I want to say, why can’t I hear what I want to hear? At least once ­– At least from Her? … [Read more...]

“Did/n’t Happen” / Memorable Fancies #2025

[“What I remember didn’t happen.” – Elaine Equi] And what I don’t remember – people tell me that didn’t happen, either. Except that once, when... … [Read more...]

“Happy Haunting Grounds” / Memorable Fancies #2024

[“There is according to some authors a partial resurrection of corpses  / … in identity but not atom for atom.” – Ezra Pound] If one atom can change and the corpse still be the same person, then another atom could change ... and another ... and so the corpse will eventually become ... anyone. Or everyone. … [Read more...]