“THAT!” / Memorable Fancies #1825

[“No one would (could) ever do that again” – Susan Sontag] Because THAT was so horrible – after we’d waited with eagerness for THAT – so awful, after we’d paid, borrowed, mortgaged ourselves for the price of a single THAT or perhaps several, when we tired of the first THAT – before we found ourselves bound to THAT – our shared ownership, our shared guilt. >  [Click Random Post above – re-astonish yourself] [below: back cover of novel See/Saw - available on  Amazon] … [Read more...]

“The Meme Variations – I” / Memorable Fancies #1824

“The deadly memes are spreading,” it said; “beware! You can catch one at any time, no matter how careful you think you’ve been, no matter how many injections of anodynia you’ve had. “How will you know when a new meme has taken over your mind? It’s not easy; the meme will pretend it’s always been there, will convince you that it’s your own original thought." “Beware of them!,” it concluded. “But I – I’m your friend – you know I’ve always been here, helping you think.” >  [Click Random Post … [Read more...]

“Was / Was Not” / Memorable Fancies #1823

[“The more they told the more they remembered.” – W.S. Merwin] – and perhaps most of what we remembered never happened. Perhaps we were inventing memories as we went along, making up for those gaping lost times, patching them together to make, finally, a beginning .. middle .. end that never was. Except the end, I mean. That really was. >  [Click Random Post above – re-astonish yourself] … [Read more...]

” ‘Comes the revolution…’ ” / Memorable Fancies #1822

[(In a dictatorship) “it is customary to ask the victim if he agrees with his fate, and it is also customary for the victim to say yes.” -- Slavoj Žižek If even one victim dared refuse, dared say “no,” the entire system might collapse. We wait patiently for this to happen, for the corrupt and tyrannous realm to come to ruin; but by the time the victim appears on the platform, moving his head up and down rhythmically, repeatedly, we know that this one, just like all the others, has been … [Read more...]

“Estate Sale Blues” / Memorable Fancies #1821

My neighbor died. There was an estate sale the next week, items unwanted by the family heirs who’d picked the place over already. Mostly old things of little value – my neighbor had been old and her things were old, but ordinary. In the kitchen, amid other brics and bracs, a coffee mug sat alone on a shelf, the word “Grandma” on its side. That item was tagged five cents, and no one had bought it. Or even picked it up, I think, to see how weighty, how fraught it might feel in their … [Read more...]

“Desire, or, The Best Case” / Memorable Fancies #1820

[“...the experience of projected possibilities implicit in desire...” – Judith Butler] I desire you, therefore I cannot leave well enough alone, but I must imagine you as part of me – that’s the best case – or you as my possession, if the first alternative doesn’t quite work out. >  [Click Random Post above – re-astonish yourself] … [Read more...]

“The War from Poolside” / Memorable Fancies #1819

[“like a war viewed from poolside” – Michael Palmer] We sat by the pool, calmly watching the far-away war on a small TV propped up on a chair. Reporters were breathlessly brave but ducked when a shell hit near them, when the news image shook. And then we heard the sirens of dread, our own news. Our TV shook, fell off its chair hissing dead into the water And all the images drowned. >  [Click Random Post above – re-astonish yourself] … [Read more...]