“A Turning” / Memorable Fancies #1767

[“I love you more, because you turn from me.” – Baudelaire] Now that you’re gone, Now I love you more, Without your distracting presence. … [Read more...]

“Brother Angels” / Memorable Fancies #1766

[“In this alternate world, magicians routinely create artificial life-forms for amusement. But one of the life-forms escapes confinement.” – Fred White] And that, brother angels, is how the infernal human race was set loose upon the world. … [Read more...]

“What I Said” / Memorable Fancies # 1765″

[“...the white noise or chaos of an unheard sayability in the transgressive language of the said.” – Edith Wyschogrod] Yes, I said it. I know it annoyed you, because you called it “insensitive.” That’s your insensitive way of saying you didn’t like it. But you just didn’t understand my refute-proof jargon! … [Read more...]

“Ghosts” / Memorable Fancies #1764

[“Neanderthal ... may have been trying to prevent the formation of a ghost, for the tied-up corpses were often covered with a heavy rock slab.” – Clayton Eshleman And then I removed the slabs in the interest of Science. Now the ghosts of those Neanderthals are loose again. We run...   … [Read more...]

“The Spider Dances” / Memorable Fancies #1763

The spider experiments with new ways to move its eight legs, instead of the boring old L-R-L-R-L-R-L-R. Perhaps a waltz? L-r-r   R-l-l   L-r-r   R-l-l, swaying side to side. Or, a variation: L-R   R-L  L-R  R-L Or something more daring: L-r-L [pause] L-r-R [pause] L-r [repeat] While in the middle of these complex steps, a bird, uninterested in dance, flies down and snatches the spider up in its bill. H-L-P  H-L-P !     … [Read more...]

“The Scholar’s Lament” / Memorable Fancies 1762

There were thoughts no one had until I had them. I was original, back then; but that was long ago. Now everything I said at all those dreary conferences is coming back to me as a quotation tagged anon., or source unk., or attr. to somebody else. [Click Random Post above – re-astonish yourself] … [Read more...]

“The Lie” / Memorable Fancies #1761

[“I am drunk with your lie” – Baudelaire] I know what you said was a lie, but such an intoxicating lie that my heart spins and my head throbs, just the opposite of what they’re supposed to do!   … [Read more...]