“Vagueness (more or less)” / Memorable Fancies #2565

[“The greatest difficulty in these investigations is to find a way of representing vagueness.” – Wittgenstein] For our newest publications, we have devised a special font in which highly specific words are printed in bold black. Ordinary words that, depending on context, may or may not mean anything, are printed in a boring typeface like Calibri. But most of our books are entirely printed in a difficult-to-read typeface, as most books have been throughout history, as their contents could have … [Read more...]

“The Ritual” / Memorable Fancies #2564

[“We wonder / Who in our memory is thinking of us,” – Yves Bonnefoy] There is a magic ritual: I think of some other person, perhaps one who has left me, and as if by magic she will think of me. There is no guarantee that her thoughts will be pleasant, of course; they could even be hostile ... but wouldn’t that be better than her ... not thinking of me at all? >> “books terence kuch” on Amazon or Google will lead you to more writing from a naturally curly mind << … [Read more...]

“A Door” / Memorable Fancies #2563

[“and sometimes you’re the door.” – Cole Swensen] Sometimes you’re adored and sometimes you’re just the door.   … [Read more...]

“Reaching the Present” / Memorable Fancies #2562

[“...they both reached at once for the present / and when their hands met they laughed” – W.S. Merwin] While traveling in 21st Century France I found her, a time-traveler like me. We met and fell in love, I with my halting French of that era, she with her own French from a century earlier than mine, which she referred to as “correct,” while making fun of my own and that of the people we happened to meet. One day she looked worried. After much persistence on my part, she said “We need to leave, … [Read more...]

“The Impostor” / Memorable Fancies #2561

[“If the man who will wake up in my bed tomorrow would be exactly the same regardless of what befell me today, he would be an impostor.” – David Lewis, On the Plurality of Worlds] I will now, fresh this morning, be the same being who was fresh as dawn yesterday, with all the passions and failures of my pre-sleep hours exiled to some secure data store – for which I will once again forget the password. > “books terence kuch” on Amazon or Google will lead you to more writing from a naturally … [Read more...]

“Sein Kampf” / Memorable Fancies #2560

[“Struggle itself wants to preserve itself, wants to grow, be conscious of itself.” – Nietzsche] The war mutters to itself about the alarming reduction in the number of people left to fight and be killed. > “books terence kuch” on Amazon or Google will lead you to more writing from a naturally curly mind << … [Read more...]

“The Confessions” / Memorable Fancies #2559

[“Passing down the halls [of a hotel] noiselessly over the carpeted floor, Djuna is aware of confessions seeping out.” – Anaïs Nin] The Hotel of Confessions, into which couples amorously venture, rent rooms, confront each other’s naked forms, their clothed lives. Afterwards the words, the lies, their confessions... >> click Random Post on our Word Press page  – re-astonish yourself <<   … [Read more...]