“Did/n’t Happen” / Memorable Fancies #2025

[“What I remember didn’t happen.” – Elaine Equi] And what I don’t remember – people tell me that didn’t happen, either. Except that once, when... … [Read more...]

“Happy Haunting Grounds” / Memorable Fancies #2024

[“There is according to some authors a partial resurrection of corpses  / … in identity but not atom for atom.” – Ezra Pound] If one atom can change and the corpse still be the same person, then another atom could change ... and another ... and so the corpse will eventually become ... anyone. Or everyone. … [Read more...]

“The Unhappy Medium” / Memorable Fancies #2023

[“The feeling is that the poem already exists” – George Oppen] Leaving poets, like us, only the poem’s tranced medium. … [Read more...]

“Sorry” / Memorable Fancies #2022

[“‘It is impossible for them to say the names of us, their Creators. This is not well,’ said the Forefathers to each other.” – Popol Vuh] How did this come to pass? We were very clear, when we made these people, that they should call us by our divine names. We pronounced our names, loud and slow, over and over. Finally they understood. But now they use our names only for cursing each other. This is not well. They will be Sorry.   … [Read more...]

“The Image” / Memorable Fancies #2021

[“To live in prison is to live without mirrors.” – Margaret Atwood] I don’t want to see that thing in the mirror. It’s the image of a criminal. … [Read more...]

“My Painting” / Memorable Fancies #2020

[“Loud, heap miseries upon us yet entwine our arts with laughters low!” – Finnegan’s Wake] That painting I did – it’s laughing bitterly at me, such a miserable painting, it seems to think, executed by such a miserable artist. I intend to exhibit it. Let the public scorn it, write mocking reviews. Serves the damn thing right. ===== [The shot below was taken in Singapore - who'd have guessed Belgians were hot, much less hip?] … [Read more...]


A recent online survey asked “What would you most like to see invented?” – not including anti-gravity underwear or other neverland closeouts, but – seriously – my offering was “an AI app to organize my hundreds / thousands of folders / files and package them for my review or further work. Yes. I would pay realcoin for that. … [Read more...]