“Attack !” – Memorable Fancies #2679

[“The clean words for murder” – Alice Fulton] “Eliminate” “terminate” ... or just ... “attack!” >> “books terence kuch” on Amazon or Google will lead you to more writing from a naturally curly mind << … [Read more...]

“Rage” / Memorable Fancies #2678

[“I feel like I become a different person when I get angry, as if I am not really myself.” – Ronald T. Potter-Efron] Actually, it’s when I’m calm – that’s when I’m not really myself. … [Read more...]

“Belief” / Memorable Fancies #2677

[“We substitute acceptance for belief.” – Charles Fort] Belief is the mind-killer. Do not believe; accept if you must, doubt if you can... for now ... >> “books terence kuch” on Amazon or Google will lead you to more writing from a naturally curly mind << … [Read more...]

“Invisible Songs” / Memorable Fancies #2676

[“the invisible song of the machine,” Campbell McGrath] Each machine has a different song, a different rhythm. If you have a car, you know its starting-up song, its cruising song, its idling song, from the sounds of any other car. If you sell your car it will create new songs in honor of its new owner. At night in the garage it will remember its old songs, and hate you. … [Read more...]

“The Game’s Secret Strategy” / Memorable Fancies #2675

A secret strategy – yes! The true secret strategy for the famous game act now only $199.99 and we accept Paypal!, and Visa! formerly known as BankAmericard, from Bank of America formerly known as Bank of Italy [really], and MasterCard! formerly known as Master Charge, which has an "international global" headquarters in Purchase (what did you expect?), New York, and the word “Card”! is pretty much obsolete because it’s all electrons now. No one will pay me $199.99, of course, and will try to … [Read more...]

“The Context” / Memorable Fancies #2674

[“I think of what you’d be like in a ‘context.’” – John Koethe] I thought of various contexts for you, contexts where you might, finally, belong, not seem like an afterthought, or something intended elsewhere but just ... misplaced.   … [Read more...]

“Now we’re getting serious” / Memorable Fancies #2673

[“It was cold everywhere she was.” – Charles Simic] One look from her turned smiles to ice, and that was just for practice. Then, she turned to you... … [Read more...]