“Card Game” / Memorable Fancies #1850

[“Our cards can play another game in another place.” – José Lezama Lima] I caught our cards wandering from game to game, just shuffling along. … [Read more...]

“Land of Nod” / Memorable Fancies #1852

[“Some nodded without meaning yes, and some shook their heads without meaning no.” – W.S. Merwin] Somehow, nodding and shaking seemed to be less definitive, more deniable than words. It could have been only a twitch, or an itch, or a twinge, or a wink. That, some thought, was the whole idea. We mostly kept silent after that. >  [Click Random Post above – re-astonish yourself] … [Read more...]

“My Significant Other?” / Memorable Fancies #1848

No, you are my insignificant other, and I am yours. In some ways, that’s a relief from what we had – before. >  [Click Random Post above – re-astonish yourself] … [Read more...]

Post-Literate Writing – 1

"A graphic ... incorrectly labeled the homicide rate ... as being per capita. It was per 100,000 people." (Washington Post, Corrections May 17, 2017, page 2, "Corrections.") [If the homicide rate per person exceeds 1, something very strange is going on. - TK] … [Read more...]

More Post-Literacy

The Washington Post divided the name "Flynn" at the end of a line as "Fly-" and then "nn" on the next line. (Washington Post, May 17, 2017, page A1). Is that as in "nn like Flynn?" Or perhaps the "Flynn Inn," convenient for those flying into National Airport? Anyway, this particular Flynn isn't in, he's OUT.   … [Read more...]

“The Neck” / Memorable Fancies #1847

“The neck – it’s there to make it easier to remove the head from the shoulders, a procedure that’s often been necessary in the course of world events. “In my own country,” the old man continued, “we practice these dislodgements when a new President is elected, and the old President’s ministers suddenly become otiose. “But I, myself, coward that I am, I hid and escaped, swore up and down that I’d never been that Minister of Truth so many had feared.... >  [Click Random Post above – … [Read more...]

“Your Things” / Memorable Fancies #1846

[“In the strict sense of the German word bedingt, we are be-thinged.” – Antony Hudek] How many things do you own? How many of your things own you? … [Read more...]