“Attention !” / Memorable Fancies #2507

“Driving requires my full attention Please do not talk to me While I am driving.” [– a sign in Fairfax Connector buses, Virginia] === ---and signs of me: --- Being me requires my full attention Please do not distract me With talk about Other people. --- Retaining my sanity requires my full attention Please do not distract me With stories of crazy people. It only makes me jealous. --- Maintaining my ego requires my full attention Please do not distract me By saying good … [Read more...]

“Drifting” / Memorable Fancies #2506

[“The bed was like a raft; I felt us drifting” - Louise Glück] We waved at passing ships, but their passengers just stood at the rail, watching us go by, remarking to each other our unseaworthiness. … [Read more...]

“The Arrangement” / Memorable Fancies #2505

[“I rearranged memories” – Anna Mebel] At first, I put the brightest memories on top, showed them to my friends. My dark memories, though, kept intruding, slinking their way into the happy memories, telling me they were ... the same.... … [Read more...]

“Charade” / Memorable Fancies #2504

She meant me to overhear what she said,   and expected me to pretend I hadn’t. >> below :: available on Amazon << … [Read more...]

“The Reading” / Memorable Fancies #2503

[“All cultural activities are infinite continuations of hunting.”  - Pascal Quignard] We still remember, somewhere in the poet’s reading darkness, that we had once painted our faces, stalked, killed ... killed.   … [Read more...]

“Your Own” / Memorable Fancies #2502

[“I burned in your body / Not knowing whose it was.” – Federico García Lorca] I knew his name, believing you were his. But I did not understand that you were your own: not his, and now ­– not mine. … [Read more...]

“Really I Am” / Memorable Fancies #2501

[“…the existence of multiple subjective perceptions of reality” – Victoria Nelson] I shall now build today’s reality. You see, it is not by chance, and especially not by the will of others, that my new worlds are devised. In some of them I am poor; in most, rich. In some I am a victim. In the ones I like best, I am not. In the world I am making now, others are my victims. … [Read more...]