“A Lot of Bad Things” / Memorable Fancies #2221

[“There await men after they are dead, things they do not expect or imagine.” – Heraclitus of Ephesus] Therefore, if you can imagine how you will be after death, then it won’t happen that way. I’m training myself to expect a lot of bad things… … [Read more...]

“The Police Chief Explains” / Memorable Fancies #2220

“What I did was wrong, the actions I took. Yes, I know that. I’m acknowledging my guilt, here in public, because my job is protecting you, our citizens and visitors, from evil-doers, even if the actions I have to take are wrong. Today I am resigning the office of Chief of Police. I hope your next Chief will have the guts also to sacrifice himself for your safety, when and if necessary. If he refuses to do what he needs to do whatever the law says, he’s not worthy of your confidence – and you … [Read more...]

“Underground Artist” / Memorable Fancies #2219

My technique with oils is – ‘primitive’ my friends have called it, although they mean this kindly. I paint a house, it seems to me a monster waiting to swallow me. And a landscape, something is under it, ready to rise up. They applaud me, call my work “creative.” To me, it is not creative at all; it’s just what is – what's hiding in there, down there,… … [Read more...]

“The New Gods” / Memorable Fancies 2218

New gods are proclaimed by enthusiast groups, one each week or so. Some are starkly existent, stone objects paraded around on holy days, wet with libations. Others are mental only; conceptual. For example, ... but ah, I cannot contemplate a god without some image in my mind. I try to concentrate, but my faith is failing, insufficient. Back to rocks.   … [Read more...]

“Up Against the Wall” / Memorable Fancies #2217

There is discontent with the color of our walls. Our leader tells us, if the color of the walls is all you have to complain about, then you must be really happy here. But one of us says, we’ve complained about everything else and nothing’s happened – the walls are all we have left. >> below: a one-act political play available from the publisher, stageplays.com << … [Read more...]

“I’ll Seek You in My Dreams” / Memorable Fancies #2216

[“Dreams would be a search engine.” – Jean Baudrillard] I finally have a promising dream, one with useful images and attitudes. I set it to work finding other dreaming people, those who have something in common with me, as a way to make at least some fleeting human contact, even if those my dream finds are themselves searching for other dreams, ignoring mine.…  >> below: ( love fear sofa ), a book of more or less love poems, is available from Amazon << … [Read more...]

“The Metaphorphor” / Memorable Fancies #2215

[“He had lost the use of metaphor.” – (Jean Baudrillard] Losing the use of metaphor is a metaphor for… … [Read more...]