“Rejection Slip” / Memorable Fancies #1916

The murder novel I wrote, gruesome and detailed, I submitted to a publisher with the crossed fingers of hope. The publisher wrote back “We’re looking for fiction, here; but your book is obviously autobiography.” <<A collection of love poems now available on Amazon:>> … [Read more...]

Time Travel, Reloaded

[The following Memorable Fancy was posted on May 1, 2013, as post number 328 - Google can find it easily.]                                                                  Success We were pretty sure our new machine would send people into the future. Being very brave, Bruce (our lab tech) volunteered to jump forward one week. If he suddenly popped into re-existence then, we’d declare victory. Well, we performed the experiment and waited seven days with great anticipation, but Bruce didn’t … [Read more...]

“in nomine Deus” / Memorable Fancies #1915

Perhaps, long ago, those who taught us about God didn’t get it right. A mistake was made. For millennia now we have called Him by a name that, at best, He doesn’t recognize, and at worst considers an insult. Perhaps “God” is the name of a demon, or a kind of fish. Perhaps that’s why we don’t hear from Him ... anymore ... … [Read more...]

“Behind My Back” / Memorable Fancies #1912

[“There again one reaches for definitions and touches darkness.” -- W.S. Merwin] The darkness arises from trying to pin down, exactly and precisely, what she said, the meaning of what she said, or they said, the sounds I heard behind my back ... thought I heard ... … [Read more...]

“Night-Time” / Memorable Fancies #1912

F1912 The Night “Everyone knows the sun goes down at 6:30 every day,” chided a Nairobi newspaper, cautioning citizens to avoid the desperate night. You and I, so far from the equator, do not have this convenient clock. [above: the special wristwatch made for 38-day months] … [Read more...]

“The Prophecies” / Memorable Fancies #1912

A scroll was discovered during the exploration of an ancient tomb, and was loaned to a university for study. Soon it became apparent to researchers that the scroll was inscribed by someone who believed himself to be God. More interestingly, it contained prophecies of events to occur long after the scroll had been written. The fall of Rome was forecast in surprising detail; the rise of Islam; discovery of the new world; defeat of the Nazis; invention of the computer; universal connectivity; … [Read more...]

“Among the Dead” / Memorable Fancies #1912

[“I will wait for you / All your life / Replied the dead woman” – Apollinaire] That was her last note to me. Very touching. And now she’s down there. Waiting, arms outstretched. Reaching for me. … [Read more...]