“Messages from the Sky” / Memorable Fancies #2088

[“...the hermeneutic temptation: the search for some deeper meaning or message...” – Slavoj Žižek] “The gods’ messages are supposed to be obscure,” the scryers muttered to each other, “so that only we may interpret them, and that for a substantial fee. But now, with Hermes saying things all can understand, what’s to become of us? “We must say that Hermes’ sayings are deep allegories – not the simple things they seem to mean. “And only we can interpret them!” … [Read more...]

“Waltz-Porn” / Memorable Fancies #2087

[An except from Social Abominations, or The Follies of Modern Society (1895):] “The conditions of the ball-room, with its gay company, its elegant robes, its exciting music, and whirling movements are calculated to arouse to its highest pitch every sense of the body, and as the circling of the waltz proceeds, as hand clasps hand, arm encircles waist, the hot breath of each reaches the other, heart beats to heart, and eye responds to eye, as they move onward in the giddy and exciting maze, under … [Read more...]

“Outside the Wall of Eden” / Memorable Fancies #2086

[“We stand outside the wall of Eden and hear the trees talking together within, and their talk is sweet in our ears.” – Yeats] They talk about that other tree, the one over there that some say is good, others say is evil, but no one knows for sure. Here come two naked people... >> below: back cover of the novel See/Saw << … [Read more...]

“Explainers II / Memorable Fancies #2085

[“There will be offices for information, explanation, and gossip.” (“Il y aura des agences de renseignements, d’explications, de bavardages.”) – Henri Michaux] The public is hard-pressed to tell the productions of the Information and Gossip Offices apart, even with friendly assistance from the Explanation Office. … [Read more...]

“Is!” / Memorable Fancies #2084

[“ecstasy of uselessness” – Jean Baudrillard] The joy of IS, not the pain of BECAUSE   >>below: cover of my book of poems, Love Fear Sofa - available on Amazon<< … [Read more...]

“Explainers” / Memorable Fancies #2083

[“The innocent is he who explains nothing.” – Albert Camus] ... while the guilty talk on and on. an … [Read more...]

“Passing Grade” / Memorable Fancies #2082

You’ve died and gone to Heaven. Just barely; your score was marginal, and there were long discussions among us angels regarding your merits. Finally, as Heaven is merciful, we decided to overlook your many sins and let you in. And now you know: you were "just good enough" to get in; a C Minus. Others will know, too, will treat you kindly ... but you’ll know what they’re thinking ... forever. … [Read more...]