“Niamey, Niger – 2002” / Memorable Fancies #2455

I stared so long at the river that it stood still, and I flowed fast upstream. The desert – the desert is coming, one grain at a time. The river shifts south, to let it pass. But the desert has other – desires. … [Read more...]

“The Government of Maniacs” / Memorable Fancies #2454

“The government of maniacs is an art, not to be acquired without long experience, and frequent and attentive observation. ... As maniacs are extremely subdolous, the physician’s first visit should be by surprise.” – William Pargeter (1792) No, we have not had long experience with a government of maniacs, but we are learning... … [Read more...]

Today’s Correction

Verbatim from The Washington Post, February 20, 2019, page A2: "Corrections "A Feb 18 Metro article about flooding in Annapolis incorrectly said that the tide had rolled in and out of the city more than 540,000 times in its 370 years. It should have said that the tide has rolled in or out of the city more than 540,000 times in 370 years."   … [Read more...]

“Versions” / Memorable Fancies #2453

[“Inasmuch as the imagination posits its object as not existing, it is free to create an imaginary world as it sees it.” – Judith Butler] Yes, she was too real for me. I did invent a more fictional version of her; but when I spoke to that new standard version she didn’t recognize it, preferring the self I had found ... just too real.      >> below: a one-act play available from the publisher, stageplays.com << … [Read more...]

“My Schedule” / Memorable Fancies #2452

       “Is your schedule flexible?”        “Yes, but I’m not the one who flexes it.” … [Read more...]

“Such Eyes” / Memorable Fancies #2456

[“You have pretended to be seeing. I have pretended that you saw. So came we by such eyes” – Laura Riding] Even now we pretend that what we see is real. I do, anyway. >> below: recently published by Loyola University / Apprentice House << … [Read more...]

“Blame” / Memorable Fancies #2449

Don’t blame the computer – it’s only human.            >> below: back cover from See/Saw, a novel << … [Read more...]