“My Secret” / Memorable Fancies #1975

My secret is that I have many secrets, of which “My secret is that I have many secrets” is just one. I probably have other secrets, too, but they’re so secret I don’t know what they are. … [Read more...]

New for the Stage: A Romantic Comedy about Baseball

Small Change, newly published by Stageplays.com, is available free to download; performances require a royalty payment. For more information, click on this link: stageplays.com/   … [Read more...]

“He sang…” / Memorable Fancies #1974

[“He sang to the birds and reached the world of the dead” – George Oppen] He looked around, hoping to see those he knew in life. But all he saw was – dead birds. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump is Just Divine

from a Washington Post email news bulletin, 23 September 2017: “I am extremely disappointed in the statements made by the President last night,” NFLPA President Eric Winston said in a statement. “. . . The divineness we are experiencing in this country has created gridlock in our political system, given voice to extreme, fringe beliefs and paralyzes our progress as a nation. Divisiveness breeds divineness, but NFL players have proven to unify people in our country’s toughest moments, and we … [Read more...]

“The Stone – III” / Memorable Fancies #1973

The stone asks: “Where is the hand that will fling me? Who is my target – this time?” … [Read more...]

“Double or Something” / Memorable Fancies #1972

I thought I’d met my Doppelgänger – identical to me like a twin I never knew I had – but it turned out that he wasn’t my Doppelgänger after all. There was a third ... we were Tripelgänger. … [Read more...]

“A Dream of Thumbs” / Memorable Fancies #1971

[“To dream that you have no thumbs” – “What Your Dreams Mean” by Herbert Hespro, early 20th Century] ... and the other guy dreamed he was all thumbs, having taken several from people like you, in your sleep. That’s why you can’t pick anything up; but neither can he. … [Read more...]