“The shadow remembers” / Memorable Fancies #4319

[“A shadow followed us up the mountain.” – John Haines]

We couldn’t see what was shadowing us, making those abrupt dark patches behind us on the trail as we climbed higher.

Slipping on ice we continued up, footfall darkness following to the top.

But there was no shadow as we climbed down toward our cars.

That evening in the lodge a local man nodded his head at our tale, told us about years ago when a man fell on his way to the top one day and, leg broken, waited a night and a day for rescue, and then died.

Once a year, the local man said, the shadow of that hiker selects another person to follow up the mountain. Finally on the summit it retreats, satisfied, awaits another year.

So far, the shadow hasn’t actually killed anyone else, he said. But I wouldn’t go up there again, the local man said,

Not if I were you.

The shadow remembers.

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