“Busy-ness” / Memorable Fancies #4265

[“…as empty and orderly as the afterlife” – Laurence Scott]

       Well, here I am. OK? OK. I guess. There’s hubbub here, wraiths passing hurriedly on some busy-ness. They must have something to do, some responsibilities, I guess. I don’t have any. “This is heaven!” one exclaimed to me as he passed by, “you don’t have to do anything! No more responsibilities. Isn’t that great? Just relax!

       But when I asked this wraith why, then, he was hurrying along instead of just vegging, he gave me a pitiful look and said, “Some of us still have punishment to undergo before we’re fully heaven-worth. We still have sins in our memories, and you apparently don’t. Isn’t that wonderful? I’m jealous!”

       He busied off on some assignment, leaving me with no responsibilities, no business, nothing to do but admire this new place where I will live forever, never having to DO anything.


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