“The Human Touch” / Memorable Fancies #4149

[“The divine longs / for human touch.” – Purvi Shah]

       I created these beings for my amusement, to be my pets. That was long ago. I grew quite fond of them over the millennia, until I couldn’t regard them as just interesting organic things.

       Our laws, here among the gods, say that we must not interfere with our creations: let them be, let them be what they become; or if they finally become nothing, well, that could happen, too.

       I have troubadours who sing to me about these people I created: their histories and virtues, the petty triumphs they write their own songs about.

       My pets are not intent on destroying themselves, but that will happen. Oh, they won’t all die, but they’ll return to the brute stage that was a relic of my inexperience when I created people, when I hadn’t got them quite right.

       Perhaps it’s for the best. I’m old and tired, and so are they, even if they continue to bear young, have extravagant, impossible hopes for them.

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