“The Imaginary Friend” / Memorable Fancies #3592

[“I was an imaginary friend” – from a letter published in New Scientist]

       Hi! My name is Ralph. I’m Johnny’s imaginary friend. He calls me “Ralphie,” but I don’t like that, since I’m smarter than Johnny and he should treat me with more respect.

       Sometimes as a prank I pretend I’m Johnny and go find Mommy to see if she can tell the difference between us, or if I can fool her into thinking I’m Johnny.

       So far, it’s working. This morning, for instance, she called me “Johnny.” Sometimes when I play this trick she asks me where “Ralphie” is today. I make up some excuse why Ralphie isn’t around right then.

       Yesterday it occurred to me that I could pretend I was Johnny for real, and then Johnny would have to be Ralph instead. What a great joke!        

And then I could make Johnny disappear and have Mommy all to myself.

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