THINGS ! / Memorable Fancies #4113

[“… the angles of things, / and the imperatives of things, / and the hardness and callousness of things, / and the weight and encumberment of things,…” – Henri Michaux]

       THINGS are what we need! More things! Yes, many would agree with that if they thought you were referring to ONLINE STUFF or, if you have to go there, INSTORES, buying STUFF that is INSTORE for you and paying with those credit cards that used to be HANDED OVER and then INSERTED but now TAPPED and perhaps in the future merely THOUGHT ABOUT, could you re-insert that THOUGHT, please? The system didn’t quite catch it, or didn’t believe you had any actual money to THINK about, but that’s OK because no one has any actual money anymore, just ELECTRON$. Electrons we use for THINKING. THINGING.

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