“Create!” / Memorable Fancies #4082

[“Slow goes the drag / of creation,” – Amy King]

       Creation was supposed to be quick. Just two words, and everything would begin to be created, and six days later it would be done.

       Well, the book said that, without mentioning all the hard work I had to do in those six days, without a break, without a chance to make sure all the parts really worked together the way they should.

       But I did create it in six days, working desperately around the clock to implement the grand plan.

       When the seventh day came, I was really dragged out and so I rested.

       I hadn’t finished everything in those six days. No, some parts where I really liked the design, those I created. But too much I had to leave half-done, and parts of the plan I never got around to implementing at all.

       I still got an “A” for it.

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