“Who Was Vertsag?” / Memorable Fancies #4050

Who was Vertsag?

Who was Vertsag?

[“In December 1929 Wittgenstein reported a dream about a man called Vertsag: ‘He opens fire with a machine-gun at a cyclist behind him who writhes with pain and is mercilessly gunned to the ground with several shots. Vertsag has driven past, and now comes to a young, poor-looking girl on a cycle and she too is shot at by Vertsag as he drives on.” – Josef Hoffmann]

      We play heroes – or victims – in our own dreams. But the odd thing about this report is that the dreamer – Wittgenstein – is entirely absent from his own dream. … Unless he was Vertsag, himself. The murderer who seems to have got away? And invented an alter ego called “Wittgenstein”?

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