Time-Travel Romance Novels / Memorable Fancies #4025

[“A time-travel romance novel” – from an ad on the Web]

1. I went into the past, when she still loved me.

2. I went into the future, when I’d finally forgotten her.

3. I saw a cute little girl, went into a future where she’d finally turned 18. But now I was 37.

4. We were of awkwardly different ages, decided that one of us should travel to a time when we were the same age. But, in confusion, we both did. Now the age difference is the same, but backwards.

5. “I know why I’ve waited / Know why I’ve been blue / I pray each night for someone / Exactly like you.”
Now we don’t need relationships at all, just a machine that can find someone exactly like you. If it doesn’t find you the right date, past or present, its warranty offers the machine itself, as a consolation. Finally, someone exactly like you.

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