“”The Me and the Asylum” / Memorable Fancies #3552

[“Not just anyone who wants to can go crazy.” – Jacques Lacan]

       I applied to the Asylum, having heard that they were running short of patients and were offering bonuses to get people to sign up, to be admitted, to be treated as cases rather than people.

       They called me in for an interview, warned me how rigorous the treatment protocol would be, how my Self would be disassembled and put together in a way I might not like right away, but they swore I’d eventually be happier; the old Me that bothered me so would soon be gone.

       And I said, That is fine. I am tired of being Me; I want you to turn me into a You.

       Everybody I meet is a You and I want to be just like them.

       Just like them.

       Just like You.

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