“the tribe, our only god” / Memorable Fancies #3520

[“…la tribu, notre seul dieu, nous tient tous embrassés.” – Henri Michaux]

       The tribe is our only god. Whatever our tribe commands, we do unquestioningly, even to the loss of our lives. The tribe, after all, is what ties us together, while each of us is only one alone. How could one presume to seek his own counsel against the tribe’s embrace? We bow, we do.

       But one asked, “Who speaks for the tribe? Is he not a tyrant? Does he not command in his own interest, not ours?”

       The one who spoke this was driven from us, of course, left in the desert to speak his blasphemies to the wind, trying vainly to pull himself away from the stake and its thick, taut rope.

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