“The Present” / Memorable Fancies #3384

[“…they both reached at once / for the present / and when their hands met / they laughed” – W.S. Merwin]

While traveling in 21st Century France I found her, a time-traveler like me. We met and fell in love, I with my halting French of that post-de Gaulle era, she with her own French from a time later than our now. We were amused by each other’s accents. She called hers “correct,” made fun of my own.

       One day she looked worried. After much persistence on my part, she said “We need to leave. We can go ahead to my century, or perhaps back to yours.”

       And I said, “I rather like it here; it’s really quite nice, Let’s stay.”

       “No,” she said. “You don’t know what’s going to happen.”

       “In France?” I asked.

       “Yes,” she said, “– and – everywhere else.”

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