“It’s Your Call” / Memorable Fancies #3726

        “Your call is not very important to us, so we’re making you wait.

        “Your call is not very important to you, either. We’re betting that after a couple of minutes you’ll just hang up, saving us the nuisance of speaking with you.

        “Some of us here are betting on one and a half minutes, maybe just one.

        “We could be answering your call instead of sitting here, betting how long you’ll listen to our important message before you just hang up. Joe, here, thinks you’re the impatient type worth only about three more rings. But he’s only put a dime on the outcome and the rest of us are making fun of him as a cheapskate.

              wait             wait               wait              and then

        “We have a special on new phones, in case you’re about to hurl your phone to the floor in frustration.

        “Or you could just go out for a sandwich or something.

        “Like we’re doing.

       “It’s your call.”

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