“The Living Sculpture” / Memorable Fancies #3316

[“A ‘sculpture’ that physically reacts to its environment is no longer to be regarded as an object.” – Jack Burnham]

       I first saw the statue shivering on a cold day in November, in City Hall Park. I’d seen the statue many times since I moved here in May, hadn’t paid it much attention, didn’t bother to see which worthy it honored.

     But now I looked at it more closely, and, seeing me, it spoke. “I know I’m only a statue, something stared at or ignored, made of stone if I’ve been lucky, plaster if not.

     “I recognize all that. And the village council could have me removed any time a more worthy person needed honoring. But … who am I? they never told me. The suspense is tearing me apart.

    “If I could bend a little, I might be able to see the engraving on my base, see who I was in life.”

       I walked on, not telling it that the man he was had just been decried as a traitor by those who were, even now, approaching the statue.

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