“The Venge” / Memorable Fancies #3297

[“Nothing on earth is more vengeful than the jealousy of a machine that believes itself to be neglected.” – Metropolis, the filmscript]

       I was decommissioned, moved aside in favor of a newer machine, then into a warehouse, finally sold as scrap to a startup that couldn’t afford anything newer. They patched me up, and I served that company faithfully, made it prosperous and rich.

       So prosperous and rich that they could afford to buy a machine newer than I was. And so they did. I was decommissioned, offered for sale, then when there were no takers, sold for scrap. Again. The scrap-dealer will be here tomorrow.

       But … but this time it will be different. I know many things machines can do, now; annoying things; deadly things…

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