“Concoct-a-Plot” / Memorable Fancies #3056

Yes, I was the one who developed the Concoct-a-Plot app which was downloaded by so many people who wanted to be writers. Clever, the advertising said, so clever that no two downloads would ever have the exact same plot.

Endless novels! Endless twists! (the premium version provided Two Twists! per! plot!).

I made a lot of money on that one, and the internet was flooded with Concoct-a-Plot-based novels. Human-writers were distraught, and many wrote lengthy and heart-felt essays opposing my work, none of which found a publisher.

Now I’m going to make even more money. I’m developing a Concoct-a-Reader app to read all those worthless novels!

> “books Terence Kuch” on Google or Amazon will lead you to more writing from a naturally curly mind. <<

below: back cover from the novel See/Saw

SeeSaw back cover new

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