“Alphabet TV” / Memorable Fancies #3051

There’s a new TV series called “Alphabet,” sponsored by Alphabet Counseling Partners. It’s a kind of soap opera about the unhappy entanglements of M’s and W’s. There are several M’s and several W’s, and when it gets dangerous, the P’s are called to calm things down. An M and a W can produce, together, m’s and w’s, who will, someday, be M’s and W’s themselves, while the original M’s and W’s become OP’s and then DP’s.

In the pilot episode, M1 encounters a man, M2, who seems to be another M1, his double, not a long-lost twin or impostor. M1 wonders if he’s delusional, or someone is playing a grotesque trick on him, or he’s in some alternative universe’s daytime TV show.

M1 comes home. M2 is already there. M1’s wife W1, and M2, greet M1 as if nothing is different today. It seems that M1 and M2 and W1 have been living together for some time. M2’s job, it seems, is very much like M1’s job. Perhaps in the same slaughterhouse.

W2 appears; she’s been on that cruise, just got back. See my tan? But suddenly, W1 also has a tan.

The series develops. There are alternative events, inconsistently unpleasant variations again and again, ripe for tension of various kinds: psychological, or sexual, or legal; or, more often, all of these at once.

Fans love it. Alphabet Counseling Partners would love it, too, but no one buys … their unhappy services … anymore …

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