“The Box I Came In” / Memorable Fancies #3042

[“I am keeping the box I came in.” – Emily Skaja]

They tell me that if my new owner is unhappy with me, he or she can just put me back in my box and send it back to the great South American river and get full credit for doing that. Then they believe that the great river will ship me off to the next person who’s ordered me and perhaps make them happy so they’ll keep me, not send me back too.

But I suspect that’s not what they do. Once out, all gone. That’s it. If I’m returned it’s as if I had some kind of awful disease and they don’t put me back on the “to be shipped when ordered” line, but just discard me, all my delightful design and careful construction come to nothing, my hope of happiness pleasing those human-things – my one chance in eternity – all gone.

They think they’re unique, those human-things, and that we are not. But to us, each of us “items” (as they call us) is unique and it’s they, the “deliver-to’s,” who are all alike. At least the great river thinks they’re all alike. That’s why the great river treats them all the same way.

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