“Let’s Fight !” / Memorable Fancies #3120

[in the time of our agon, borrowed from the film Alien 3:]

“You’re all gonna die, only question is when. This is as good a place to take your first step to heaven as any. It’s ours. It ain’t much, but it’s ours. Only question is how you check out. Now, you want it on your feet, or on your knees beggin’?  I ain’t much for beggin’. Nobody ever gave me nothin’. So I say, fuck it, let’s fight !”

[Dillon’s defiant speech from the film Alien 3 – Dillon is the black minister to a handful of convicts, all but one of whom will soon die fighting the monster, including Dillon himself.]

[re: Covid-19, Corona virus, disease, epidemic, plague, pestilence, agon, defiance, death]

102 Lord show me a sign

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