“Pareidolia” * / Memorable Fancies #3001

Everything looks like a face – that’s evolution – how our perceptions have become distorted because millions of years ago if you saw a face in front of you, it probably wanted to eat you.

Or later: Jesus in the clouds; Socrates in the soup.

Lincoln – a rocky outcrop on a cliff. Chelan County, Washington, had a Lincoln Rock many years ago. It actually looked like him. Perhaps it’s still there. Perhaps, owing to freezes and rockfalls over the years, it’s the Chester A. Arthur rock now, or could pass for the face of the Fifth Beatle.

Most tourists believe the Chester A. Arthur interpretation, but don’t know who he was, having slept through high school American history.

Local officials try to find a better name for the rock, because no one buys Chester A. Arthur souvenirs. No one buys souvenirs of me, for that matter.

But it actually looks like me, now, until the next rockfall anyway. I can’t convince anyone of that.

* “pareidolia” means seeing faces and other patterns in random phenomena.

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