The Accusation System / Memorable Fancies #2805

[“the accusation system…” – David Frankfurter]

Having been accused of committing various nefarious deeds, and of being someone wholly bad myself, I willy nilly had become an expert on surviving accusa­tions, turning them back on my accusers, capitalizing on this experience as source material for the seminars I host on how to survive accusations and make deadly, unsurvivable, counter-accusations oneself.

There are those who accuse me of profiting from other peoples’ miseries, as well as my own. I have invited these accusers to attend, for a modest fee that includes lunch and refreshments and a colorful souvenir drink coaster, one of my seminars. If they do not attend, I have several accusations to hurl at them, of which some are relevant. I believe this threat will produce my desired outcome – and income.

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