“Hours and Seasons” / Memorable Fancies #2730

Each hour has its seasons: :05 is bright Spring, fresh with promise; :25 a time when the promise of that earlier time has become problematic; :43 is Autumn, a time of reassessment, a realization that :59 is approaching sooner than we had hoped, that time remains but the project must be hastened.

At :55 we look back and try to understand what seemed to have value earlier in the hour, what was tried and failed, what still seems promising, at least if the hour after us would continue on with our projects, our legacy.

In the winter of :59 we wait for the next hour to appear, the next shift, to take up our projects, or ignore them and get on with their own.

At :00 there is some discussion, among our most senior seconds, as to whether :00 properly belongs to the old minute or to the new, and when the handover should take place, and how mourned or celebrated.

But this debate lasts only a second.

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