“The Un-People” / Memorable Fancies #2687

[Robots “might fail to see people and objects ‘edited out’ of their view.” – Robin Hanson]

We now disappear people humanely. Instead of pulling them out of their homes at midnight, hustling them into tiny cells under a John Doe, so cruel! we now monitor nationwide communication, detect every mention of them or anything they’ve done, online, or spoken near one of our omnipresent electronic ears, and substitute a bland illusion instead.

All your memories of former Senator Richardson, for instance, are immediately and painlessly replaced by thoughts of an afternoon in the park, or a good meal, or … the time you attended the trial of that wretched traitor,… what was his name?

>> “books terence kuch” on Amazon or Google will lead you to more writing from a naturally curly mind. Below: back cover of the novel See/Saw. <<

SeeSaw back cover new

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