“Vile Practices” / Memorable Fancies #2644

An excerpt from the book Social Abominations, or The Follies of Modern Society Portrayed by Many Eminent Writers. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 1895:

“Children as young as two years, and even infants, are known to have been taught vile practices by nurse girls. This would seem incredible except for most trustworthy evidence. Dreadful as it is to speak of such things, ought they not to stand as solemn warnings to every woman who is tempted to barter the priceless jewel of her children’s innocence and purity for selfish ease or leisure? Hardly less to be dreaded are the coarse jokes, indecent language, irreverent and profane speech, and the undue familiarity between acquaintances, so constantly indulged in by nurses before their young charges.”



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