“The Death Club” / Memorable Fancies #2591

Remember the time when that driver … but you made it through the crash, recovered. And the time your Army buddy hadn’t completely unloaded his weapon and it went off and a bullet whizzed by your head and he caught holy hell from Sarge? And the disease that killed one of your college friends’ cousins? And …

And all those other times, too, when you had a close call and sometimes didn’t even realize it.

But you did die then, all those times. A force, perhaps Fate, or God, patiently rewound your life and played it again, a slightly different world for you this time, a world where you survive until – the next time – and the next time,…

This happens to everyone, each with his own lives, deaths, worlds, do-overs.

So do you ever die? Yes, whenever you’re ready. Just say the word.

Someday, you will..

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