“Vagueness (more or less)” / Memorable Fancies #2565

[“The greatest difficulty in these investigations is to find a way of representing vagueness.” – Wittgenstein]

For our newest publications, we have devised a special font in which highly specific words are printed in bold black. Ordinary words that, depending on context, may or may not mean anything, are printed in a boring typeface like Calibri.

But most of our books are entirely printed in a difficult-to-read typeface, as most books have been throughout history, as their contents could have several different interpretations, or none.

Our titles in metaphysics are printed using a sort of vague font in which the meanings of words cannot readily be distinguished and where they are stucktogether so theylookGerman and which contain no punctuation for many lines

The vaguest books of all, mainly poetry, but also most of our titles in political theory, are printed using a font in which most w  rds s im ly  dis a   p    r


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