“Sincerely Mine” / Memorable Fancies #2525

[“Finally the idea of inventing something insincere crossed my mind and I set to work straight away.” – Marcel Broodthaers]

What would an insincere invention be? One with a ‘press here’ button that does nothing? I invented one of those, sold a few to my insincere admirers, mostly relatives.

That ‘press here’ thing was version one of my invention; only a start, a poor attempt, but even then it achieved a certain notoriety, accusations of being ‘stale,’ like a Pepsi uncapped too long.

Then I built version two, a success. People got the joke, laughed insincerely at its pretensions, secretly admired its forthright admission of fakery, of putting them on.

I thanked them insincerely; my invention was complete.

     >> below: a rather expensive watch with two “eleven”s. Oops.<<

watch face with two eleven o'clocks

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