“Doc Johnson Rocks!” / Memorable Fancies #2486

[“Like Dr. Johnson trying to refute Berkeley / By kicking a rock” – John Koethe]

I didn’t know, back then, that I’d be famous: The Rock Johnson Kicked – the rock that proved the existence of the world and all its various stuff.

The kick rolled me slightly off the path, over where no one else happened to kick me. For many years I lay there, having forgot about the incident, until one day, listening to a couple walk by, I realized that I’d become famous: The Rock Johnson Kicked – me! I felt proud, and thought that by rights I should be in the British Museum or at least the Ashmolean – the renowned rock who kept the world in being, prevented its disappearance in one immaterial ‘poof!’

So here I am, beside that walkway. But I understand that some local students are gathering stray rocks to build a monument to Doctor Johnson – a class project of some kind. I shall be honored to be there, even if they don’t recognize me as The One. Maybe there will be speeches before the students kick the whole thing apart, thus proving my existence. And theirs.

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Baseball and mitt on rustic wooden background

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