“Safely Graze” / Memorable Fancies #2483

[“Black sheep were sacrificed to the god Dis, and those who performed the sacrifice averted their faces.” – Dictionary of Roman Religion]

The sheep are trying to figure out why some are chosen each day, and others herded back to their pens, still alive. Could it be height, ability to bleat, beauty of their coats? There must be some reason why some die and the rest are once more fed.

Aab says that there’s no reason; it’s just random. Others bleat about predestination.

Here they come.

Aab swears that the dead will be saved and in heaven this very night, where sheep may safely graze.

No one believes him.

They are here.

Aab has lost his nerve and is pissing himself.

The rest of us are looking straight at those who bear knives, now raising them.

Aab is swearing to the men that he will be their obedient, faithful servant, ever for ever.

The men kill him first.

We stare hard at the men, shaming them for obeying their god, killing living flesh.

Why are they looking away?

09 At All Adventure front cover resize image


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