“The Pizzamobile” / Memorable Fancies #2438

“Yes,” the self-driving car salesman says, “this beauty is $3000 less than that other one, same make and model and trim.”

“What’s the catch?” you ask.

“Not only no catch,” the salesman enthuses, “but this one is actually better: if you get in and say “car, Chinese” it will drive you to a Chinese restaurant and park itself. And if you say “car, pizza,” it will drive you to a pizzeria, get in line at the takeout window, and a big, beautiful pizza with your favorite toppings will be handed to you, and the first one is free!”

“How does it know what my favorite toppings are?”

“The Web – what you order for takeout most often.”

“And how does it know which pizzeria to go to?”

“Just leave that to us.”

>> below: Never invent a sandwich with the first name of “Turd.” <<


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