Letters from M.C. Escher

Following are excerpts from three of the many letters (aerogrammes) M.C. Escher wrote me, back in the 1960’s. I still have these letters, in case a gallery or museum is interested.

July 25, 1967 – handwritten:

“Many thanks for the rubbing you made of the bathroom window of that old New York hotel! It’s an amusing pattern, which of course I know very well. Is it not surprising that these patterns were made since long” [ago].

October 5, 1966 – handwritten:

“Many thanks for your letter of Oct. 1, with enclosed photo of an Alhambra periodic wall decoration. I know it since long: copied it, with many others, when I was there in 1936.”

August 3, 1966 – handwritten

“Thank you for thinking of me when you saw [Gahan] Wilson’s cartoon in The New Yorker. It is curious indeed that they published it one month after Martin Gardner’s article in Scientific American about my work.”

… terencekuch /a/t/ gmail

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