“In the Name of God” / Memorable Fancies #2402

There is disagreement among our priests as to the name of our tribal god, how it should be addressed when praying for forgiveness, or for the destruction of our enemies. Two priests claim to have been given revelations on the question, but as the name each proposes is different, both are widely doubted.

If we pick the wrong name for the god, will it be angry, perhaps … destructive?

Our king is growing impatient with what he sees as divisiveness that could disturb the life of our smoothly functioning tribe. “This dispute is over nothing,” he told us yesterday, “but words. And who knows if the god cares about us anyway?”, he continued. “Do we even know that there IS a god? Maybe it’s only a fable to keep the priests and bishops fat, and weaken my rule.”

But this morning the palace eunuchs discovered the king – crushed as if by an unseen, nameless hand.


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