“The Dream Games – I” / Memorable Fancies #2398

In the first round, contestants are asked to dream briefly about events in their lives. Only a few are eliminated in this round, as almost any dream would count. It did ensure, however, that those advance who are serious about dreaming, not just idleheads who can’t control their dreams, or can’t remember them.

In the second round, contestants are given specific, simple things to dream of, such as their first date, or their first day on their first job. Now competition is serious, and more than half the contestants are eliminated. Those who survive are emotionally drained from having been forced to have such nightmares, and are given a week to recover.

Now the third round is about to begin. Betting (illegal, but tolerated) is heavy. Contestants trot around the infield flexing their minds, trying to guess what subject the officials will dream up for them next.


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