“Wedding Cake” / Memorable Fancies #2365

[“And that wedding cake – what does it think it is?” – John Ashbery]

People are staring at me. They seem to be admiring me. This is quite a fancy place, I see; people are all dressed up, although some seem uncomfortable in their stiff clothes.

I see my reflection in a wall mirror. Quite wonderful! I am a work of art, tall and graceful, with sugary swirls rising up like a ziggurat, and at the top, in wax, a handsome man! And a woman beside him whom he has perhaps captured from our foes in the recent wars.

But now look! Simulacra of our two wax figures, much larger than their originals, come toward me. Flashes of light memorialize this grand event, my opening night. The two smile at me. I try to smile back at them, but I have only the faces in my tiny wax figures, and I cannot make them smile.

A servant has now handed the couple a large knife, I see now. I wonder what use it will have…



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