“Caught in the Web” / Memorable Fancies #2364

Yes, you’ve subscribed to yet another web information service. But this one downloads directly into your mind. At first you were worried – what if they download advertising, or political messages, or endless games of Klondike Solitaire, or even less savory content?

But the sales rep assured you that nothing would be sent to your mind unless you had previously expressed a desire for … well, breaking news, for instance, or the weather or (and here he lowered his voice) certain … intimate scenes, and if so, sir, we need to know your sexual orientation and preferences, in order to…

But no, you shunted that part of the conversation aside, and elected “weather” first. Just to sample the service. Nothing chancy.

But next morning you were disappointed. You didn’t remember any mind-bulletins about the weather, or anything else. You shrugged it off and stepped outside, remarking to a neighbor “glad I’m not in Phoenix today; already over a hundred!”




  1. As an old weather geek, I’m sad that I’ll be long dead before such immediate and intimate knowledge of the weather would be available. So, for now, I’ll just have to smear my eyeballs across the monitor …

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