“Out of beer on Sundays?” / Memorable Fancies #2355

If you buy a six-pack every Saturday, you’re out just when you want to relax with a cool one and watch next Sunday’s game. Or if you bought two six-packs, you drink two a day and you’re still out.

Annoying? You bet!

Want to have to put your shirt on and go out for another six-pack, right then when the other team’s Q-back is about to get creamed?

No way! Might do it if it weren’t for having to put on a damn shirt,


NOW, you can buy beer in seven-packs!

Yes, ole buddy, seven-packs! Never go without a cool one on that seventh day.

So get your butt over to your neighborhood 7-11 or gas station and proudly ask for


“Hoist One Every Day!” tm *

[* Trademarks of Seventh-Day Advantage, Inc., Culpeper, Virginia]


>> below: full-length comedy available from the publisher, stageplays.com <<

Baseball and mitt on rustic wooden background

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