“Third Grade, 1945” / Memorable Fancies #2330

.. Johnny Bass talks all the time.

.. Ernie Smith is stupid and cries because he’s never learned to read.

.. Sally Hall tries to be sexy even though she’s only third grade.

.. Claudia Mounterville thinks she’s better than Sally Hall because she’s got a longer name and a big house.

.. Mrs. Jones is our teacher. She won’t tell us her first name.

.. Mrs. Jones hits Ernie Smith with a ruler sometimes because he can’t seem to learn anything.

.. Tommy Tempe makes faces behind Mrs. Jones’ back.

.. Ernie Smith laughs when Tommy Tempe makes faces and then Ernie gets hit again, and warned a lot too.

.. I watch all this and I’m Mrs. Jones’ pet kid and everybody else in third grade hates my guts.

.. Recess is a bad time for me.


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