“Oil Gone” / Memorable Fancies #2325

[“Art today, though it has disappeared, doesn’t know it has disappeared…” – Jean Baudrillard]

I came home today to find a painting missing from my living room wall. In its place was a note: “I’m leaving you. I’m not appreciated here anymore. You never look at me. On the opposite wall there’s a painting you look at all the time, even though it’s not worthy of your wall, or anyone’s. But all I could see, from where you hung me, was that miserable daub. Day after day.

“Was that your idea of some infernal punishment? So I’m leaving you. I’ll find a wall where I’ll be more appreciated. And yes, this means I’m giving you the brush-off.”

     >> City Lines, a 10-minute play, is available from the publisher, stageplays.com”

Graphic urban city plan drawing in lines


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