“Charlie Can Kill With His Mind” / Memorable Fancies #2290

Charlie is sitting politely, occasionally frowning, as Mr Hardesty is berating him on his poor performance supervising a contract. He goes on and on. Charlie’s mind drifts off into a Walter Mitty-type fantasy.

Suddenly, Mr Hardesty falls over and dies on the floor, an apparent heart attack. Charlie feels Hardesty’s neck  – is that’s how it’s done? He’s not sure if he’s doing what’s expected, what would qualify as good performance in this exceptional event that calls for the managerial decisiveness he’s never quite mastered.

But then Charlie has a sudden revelation – Did he actually kill his boss?

Charlie returns to his cube, waits for screams and sirens.

“I can kill!” he says to himself, over and over, with wonder and renewed hope for improved performance.

Now to make sure – to experiment…

Malice-cover lightened

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