“Go Figure” / Memorable Fancies #2254

[“Who doesn’t want to be / reconfigured?” ­– Carey McHugh]

It’s taking a chance, volunteering for reconfigurement. We’ve all heard stories about high school kids who thought they could sing, and how awful it was when people laughed at them (usually, their best friends’ dads) when they went on stage that day. That was the big thing back then, wanting to be a great pop singer, and so we had lots of kids who got reconfigured into great singers – they hoped – but ended up as something else, sometimes not even human.

But once in a while some did become great singers. So eventually we had dozens of great singers, way too many for the market.

After that lost but grinning generation, we learned to be smarter: when a trend first showed up, most kids switched to something else, something unexpected, something that could make them unique, with no competition. It was tough keeping ahead of the trends, though, and we almost – our country almost – collapsed with so many people trying so hard not to be like anybody else and ending up the same.

But we were surviving OK, I guess, desperately reconfiguring and re-reconfiguring, until that one year when we had 384 Presidents…


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