“God’s Sunday Morning” / Memorable Fancies #2156

[“In the past I was bitten. / Now I believe.” – John Ashcroft]

I had entirely forgot the wound, the one my skin had grown over, healed I thought but not yet healed I found. “It bit you in the ass,” the prophet said, and I said that is all right, I’ll just stand up, and then he said no, there is a hard bench where you will sit down and listen to the second lesson. What about the first lesson, I asked. Too damn bad, he said. You’ll never understand the second lesson if you haven’t heard the first one, so you’re SOL – but I know you’ve heard the first lesson – you’ve always heard it even though you’ll never admit it, will run from it like a hare from the hounds. You know the fate your legs will always lead you to: the glistening mouth, the baying tongue.

09 At All Adventure front cover resize image

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